Testing the API

Spotnana API documentation allows you to test the endpoints directly from this website. To do so, follow the below steps.


Before you can begin testing our API, you’ll need to complete a few tasks:

  1. Generate your temporary authorization token using our /get-auth-token API . Read more about the steps to generate the token in the Authentication page.

    NOTE: To run the authorization API, you’ll require the clientId and clientSecret. Contact your Spotnana account representative to retrieve these credentials.

  2. Review the request schema of every endpoint before testing it. Some API endpoints may require mandatory parameters within the request body to access the API. These mandatory parameters are marked as required within the schema.

Steps to test an API

To test an API from the documentation:

  1. Open any endpoint from the list of APIs available on this documentation site.
  2. Click Try It on the right-hand side (next to the endpoint URL).

Required Parameters
Fig: The Try It option in the documentation.

  1. Enter your authorization credentials.
  2. Enter the required request body parameters (if any).
  3. Click Send .

A response code of 200 indicates the request has been successful. However, if you receive any 4xx error response code, re-check your request body and authorization credentials and try again. To learn more about the error codes refer to the error handling page.

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